Objectives of ADAS&ME

  • Development of robust detection/prediction algorithms for driver/rider state monitoring of fatigue/drowsiness, stress, inattention/distraction and impairing emotions.
  • Development of multimodal, user oriented and adaptive information, warning, actuation and handover strategies.
  • Integration of the developed algorithms, sensing technologies, supportive technologies (automation, V2X) and HMI algorithms/components into driver/rider state monitoring systems.
  • Development of personalised driver/rider behaviour profiles, considering inter-individual differences.
  • Design of HMI concepts, prototypes and guidelines for automated functions that take into account driver/rider state.
  • Instrumentation of evaluation/demonstration tools (simulators & vehicles) to evaluate the developed systems in different environments.
  • Adaptation of existing EuroNCAP test protocols from non-automated to automated driving modes.
  • Performance of targeted tests for the selection of HMI elements that optimally support each Use Case.
  • Evaluation of the developed systems and use cases with a wide pool of drivers/riders under simulated, controlled and real road conditions and for different driver/rider states and automation use cases/levels.
  • Holistic impact assessment of automation opportunities to enhance safety by supporting the impaired driver/rider, as well as of handover transitions optimisation.