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TrustVehicle aims at advancing technical solutions for automated driving to better assess critical situations in mixed traffic scenarios and even under harsh environmental conditions, hence increasing safety far beyond the current levels. The project follows a user-centric approach and will provide solutions which significantly increase reliability and trustworthiness of automated vehicles and contribute to [...]



VI-DAS is positioned to address the goals of improved road safety by development and deployment of ADAS and navigation aids in societally acceptable and personalised manner, based on a reliable combination of the overall traffic scene understanding and essential consideration of the driver’s physical, mental, demographic and behavioural state. The objectives are listed below: [...]



TransAID develops and demonstrates traffic management procedures and protocols to enable smooth coexistence of automated, connected, and conventional vehicles, especially at Transition Areas. A hierarchical approach is followed where control actions are implemented at different layers including centralised traffic management, infrastructure, and vehicles. First, simulations are performed to find optimal infrastructure-assisted management solutions to control [...]



BRAVE’s approach assumes that the launch of automated vehicles on public roads will only be successful if a user centric approach is used where the technical aspects go hand in hand in compliance with societal values, user acceptance, behavioural intentions, road safety, social, economic, legal and ethical considerations. This approach must be understood as [...]


Maroš Šefčovič tested an autonomous vehicle and spoke about ADAS&ME project

The Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič tested VEDECOM's Autonomous vehicle (level 5, without driver behind the steering wheel) driving through the beautiful streets of Leuven (Belgium) and speaking about the European projects (AUTOMATE and ADAS&ME) and discussing the EU budget for the future period (2021-2027). The VEDECOM's vehicle was equipped with, 5 [...]

Maroš Šefčovič tested an autonomous vehicle and spoke about ADAS&ME project2018-06-04T13:56:13+00:00

A Wizard of Oz in ADAS&ME Project!?

Studying a driver’s state of mind during automation phases, which is at the heart of many use cases in ADAS&ME requires the ability to observe and record his/her behaviour in a natural environment. However, for safety issues, traditional autonomous vehicles do not allow the study of naïve drivers during automated driving phases in an [...]

A Wizard of Oz in ADAS&ME Project!?2018-04-25T10:52:59+00:00

ADAS&ME featured in an article in The Guardian

12 March, Austin (Texas, USA).  ADAS&ME project has been presented at AAAS Meetings Event by our project coordinator Anna Anund.  In addition to the dissemination of the project during the session event and through ADAS&ME communication channels, the journalist Nicola Davis from The Guardian has published an interview with Anna Anund about driverless cars. [...]

ADAS&ME featured in an article in The Guardian2018-03-12T21:41:30+00:00

ADAS&ME was presented in AAAS Meetings 2018 that took place in Austin (USA)

15 February, Austin (Texas, USA). ADAS&ME project coordinator Anna Anund attended AAAS Meetings in Austin presenting ADAS&ME. The presentation is now available at Sharepoint and it highlights the vision of the project, uses cases and some of the most important aspects of the project such as Driver/Rider state monitoring and HMI framework. The AAAS [...]

ADAS&ME was presented in AAAS Meetings 2018 that took place in Austin (USA)2018-02-26T10:28:01+00:00

6th Plenary meeting in Rome

8 February, Rome. The ADAS&ME consortium 6th plenary meeting has taken place in Rome, from 5th to 8th February 2017, kindly hosted by CTL at Sapienza University of Rome. First day was entirely dedicated for technical workshops of all Use Cases, data collection and PPS results. The second day started with administrative and dissemination [...]

6th Plenary meeting in Rome2018-02-26T10:31:50+00:00

Progress of Use Case B: Electric vehicle range anxiety

16 November, Barcelona. With the opportunity of the 5th plenary meeting et Barcelona, the kick-off workshop of the Use Case B HMI activities has been held at the RACC premises, in Barcelona. The main goal of this Use Case B is the demonstration of how a better management of the driving range information, coupled with [...]

Progress of Use Case B: Electric vehicle range anxiety2017-12-05T23:51:06+00:00