EUCAD 2019: Big success!

8 April, Brussels. ADAS&ME was one of the selected European funded projects for the indoor demonstrations of EUCAD 2019 at AutoWorld Museum in Brussels. After useful breakout sessions and interesting speeches from high-level speakers such as Mathew Baldwin (Deputy Director General DG for Mobility and Transport - MOVE, European Commission) or Clara de la [...]

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Fit to drive? The car (with ADAS&ME systems) will judge

ADAS&ME project has again been featured in a relevant publication: Horizon, the EU research and innovation. The article “Fit to drive? The car will judge” drawn up by the science journalist Julianna Photopoulos is focused on the potential of automation to reduce the number of fatalities in European roads towards the Zero Vision objective. [...]

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Fruitful collaboration with CardioID Technologies

A couple of years ago, ADAS&ME project reached an agreement with CardioID Technologies to collaborate on fatigue detection based on electrophysiological data. CardioWheel is CardioID product for the automotive industry and it is an innovative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) that can help end users to prevent drowsiness and automatically detect the identity of [...]

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ADAS&ME Use Cases in H2020RTR Conference

29 November, Brussels. The 2nd edition of our H2020RTR conference, organized by ERTRAC took place in Brussels. The European-wide event dedicated to the presentation of results from road transport research in H2020 projects, gathered more than 75 projects. ADAS&ME has participated in the "Driving assistance and automated driving systems" with other partner projects such as MAVEN, AUTOMATE [...]

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ADAS&ME contribution at the Automated Road Transport workshop

21 November, Hamburg. ADAS&ME was represented in the Joint Workshop of European Projects on Automated Road Transport by Frederik Diederichs (IAO Fraunhofer). The event was organized by our partner project AutoMATE in Hamburg and there were a total of 5 sessions related to the current status of automation and expected challenges that EU funded projects [...]

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Driver State dependent HMI is under investigation at Fraunhofer IAO and DLR.

Car automation is a remarkable comfort feature and hence spreading out in new passenger car models. So called level 3 automation (SAE) requires driver attention even during the automation, and transition of control happens at high speeds with and without timely warnings. Even though drivers shall be ready to take back control at any [...]

Driver State dependent HMI is under investigation at Fraunhofer IAO and DLR.2018-11-09T13:54:09+00:00

DUCATI hosted 8th ADAS&ME Plenary Meeting

24-26 October, Bologna. The Italian motorcycle brand Ducati hosted an interesting plenary meeting in their headquarters of Borgo Panigale, close to the legendary factory and next to the museum where the "Ducati 60 - la prima motocicletta", the famous "Desmosedici" or the current Andrea Dovizioso's MotoGP bike are sharing the same room! Wednesday 24th [...]

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ADAS&ME Demonstrator at DDI Gothenburg

15 October, Gothenburg. The 6th edition of the International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention took place in Gothenburg attracting delegates from more than 20 countries. ADAS&ME project was well represented by our coordinator Anna Anund and Christer Ahlström as well. The event is designed to bring participants - from government, industry and research centers [...]

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The key human intervention in self-driving cars

This is not a common news of ADAS&ME project. The consortium is developing a number of actions in the most of work packages and use cases and preparing the next plenary meeting that will take place in Bologna at the end of this month. However, today we would like to highlight the following headline [...]

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