Progress of Use Case B: Electric vehicle range anxiety

16 November, Barcelona. With the opportunity of the 5th plenary meeting et Barcelona, the kick-off workshop of the Use Case B HMI activities has been held at the RACC premises, in Barcelona. The main goal [...]

5th ADAS&ME Plenary meeting took place in Barcelona

14-16 November, Barcelona. Local partner ACASA hosted an event that attracted all the ADAS&ME project partners with more than 45 people in total. On Tuesday 14th technical workshops were held on WP4, WP5 and WP7. [...]

Check-out the video of the Use Cases Workshop!

The video of the ADAS&ME Use Cases Workshop is now online. The workshop was held on the 6th of April '17 hosted by ERTICO ITS Europe in Brussels. During the workshop they were presented [...]

ADAS&ME will lead a workshop at the AutomotiveUI 2017 in Oldenburg

AutomotiveUI’17 will address several topics, including novel in-vehicle services, models of and concepts for enhancing the driver experience, driver performance and behavior, development of (semi-) autonomous driving, and the needs of different user groups. The [...]

ADAS&ME Consortium meets in Greece

28-30 June, Thessaloniki - Halkidiki (Greece). ADAS&ME has held its 4th plenary meeting in Greece, kindly hosted by local partner CERTH. On the first day technical workshops have been conducted at CERTH premises in [...]

ADAS&ME holds technical workshops @CERTH

28 June 2017, CERTH premises, Thessaloniki (Greece). Kindly hosted by CERTH, ADAS&ME partners held some intensive and fruitful discussions on WP4 (data collection per Use Case, indicators and sensors per driver state), WP5 (went into [...]

ADAS&ME participates in ITS European Congress Strasbourg 2017

ADAS&ME @adasandme participated today in the Automated Driving session at the INEA/EC booth within the 12th ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, joining other fellow #H2020Transport projects @AutomateEu and VI-DAS. Our project coordinator, Dr Anna [...]

Deliverables made public

The following deliverables have been uploaded to the project website. These are complete documents for everyone to check, although still pending final revision by the EC. The deliverables, which you can find under the section [...]

ADAS&ME presented at the XVII ITS Spain Congress

Josep Laborda, from ACASA, presented the ADAS&ME project during the XVII ITS Spain Congress, held in Madrid 25-27 April 2017. His presentation was included in Session 3,  held on April 25, on Autonomous Driving [...]

Use Cases workshop with external stakeholders a success!

ADAS&ME held its first international workshop with external stakeholders on the 6th of April '17, kindly hosted by ERTICO ITS Europe at its premises in Brussels. This was a side event of the extremely [...]

Lots of interest in ADAS&ME at the 1st EC Conference on CAD

CERTH and ACASA have today represented the ADAS&ME consortium at the exhibition area adjacent to the main conference room, at the EC Charlemagne building in Brussels, where the first day of the 1st EC [...]

ADAS&ME 3rd Plenary Meeting @Valeo in Paris

The ADAS&ME consortium 3rd plenary meeting has taken place in Paris, 29 to 31 March 2017, kindly hosted by Valeo. On Wednesday 29th, technical workshops were held on WP2, WP4 and WP5. WP2 discussed [...]

ADAS&ME to join the 1st European Conference on CAD

The 1st European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving will be held in Brussels, 3-4 April 2017 at the European Commission. ADAS&ME will participate as a relevant related EC-funded H2020 project by joining the technical [...]

Future of mobility: it’s the business model, stupid!

According to Gartner’s 2016 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report, autonomous vehicles on the streets in any meaningful way are about 10 years out, this being particularly impending in urban environments. So-called Connected & Automated Vehicles [...]

Scania and VTI cooperate with Linköping University

Between February and June, 2017, eight students from Linköping University's Department of Management and Engineering will be collaborating with Scania on the ADAS&ME project to develop early concept driver interfaces to support the Long Haul [...]