After more than three years of research, innovation and development in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Services for all vehicle types, the ADAS&ME consortium showcased how the project will make the road usage safer and more efficient among different levels of automation.

ADAS&ME Final Event video is now available at ADAS&ME Youtube channel. It includes images of the Final Event that took place in IDIADA headquarters in December 2019 with interviews with Anna Anund (ADAS&ME Project coordinator), Marc Wilbrink (Car Use Cases Leader), Stas Krupenia (Truck Use Case Leader), Mohamed Charif Rahal (Electric Vehicle Use Case Leader), Davide Sette (Motorbike Use Cases Leader), Andreas Absér (Bus Use Case Leader), Georgios Sarros (ADAS&ME Project Officer) and Evangelos Bekiaris (ADAS&ME Technical Manager).

At the same Youtube channel you can also check again the animated videos explaining ADAS&ME Concept, Car Use Cases and Motorbike Use Cases).