15 October, Gothenburg. The 6th edition of the International Conference on Driver Distraction and Inattention took place in Gothenburg attracting delegates from more than 20 countries. ADAS&ME project was well represented by our coordinator Anna Anund and Christer Ahlström as well. The event is designed to bring participants – from government, industry and research centers – an update on current and recent developments in the field of inattention and distraction in driving, a key topic for ADAS&ME project too.

The representatives of ADAS&ME project expressed their satisfaction with the overall event. Anna Anund highlighted the success of the ADAS&ME demonstrator because it show how automated functions can support future bus drivers in order to reduce driver stress and Christer Ahlström said: “the conference is a great opportunity to stay on top of recent research on driver distraction and inattention. Several presentations covered how certain glance behaviour patterns may lead to increased crash risk and how this information can be exploited in the design of driver distraction detection algorithms. Such knowledge is directly applicable in the ADAS&ME project, where both the HMI and the automated functions will be adapted based on whether the driver is attentive or not…”.

Please, see in the link, further information about the ADAS&ME use cases.