4th June, Eindhoven. ADAS&ME project played a leading role during the special session of Driver Monitoring: Towards safe transitions, personalization and user acceptance which took place at the ITS Europe in Brainport (NL). The event was conducted by ADAS&ME project coordinator Anna Anund (VTI) who started the session with a short speech about the relationship between ethics and human factors and how users see the future cars that will continuously monitoring us. After that, the session continued with a specific explanation of the physiological and health monitoring by Steffen Leonhardt (RWTH Aachen) and the driver readiness in different automation levels by Kevin Nguyen (Use case B leader, from VALEO). Last but not least, Stas Krupenia (SCANIA) shared the “Truck as an office” case about the adaptation of driver state on the interaction strategy.

The session lasted about one hour and questions were responded from a interested audience of more than 50 people. Finally, at the MG3.3 session at the ITS Europe as well, the ADAS&ME coordinator Anna Anund gave a presentation of the ADAS&ME concept and use cases, focused on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) demonstrated in all ADAS&ME use cases.