AutomotiveUI’17 will address several topics, including novel in-vehicle services, models of and concepts for enhancing the driver experience, driver performance and behavior, development of (semi-) autonomous driving, and the needs of different user groups. The overarching goal is to support the development of in-vehicle user interfaces that are safe, easy to use, useful, and desired by users.

Workshop 2 titled “Human Machine Interaction in Autonomous Vehicles: the perspective of the two current HORIZON 2020 projects ADAS&ME and AUTOMATE” will take place on Sunday, September 24th in Oldenburg.

The workshop intends to promote the approach used in the design of interfaces for autonomous vehicles realized from the European projects ADAS&ME and AUTOMATE. ADAS&ME is dedicated to the creation of new driver state adaptive Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that incorporate driver and rider state, the situational and environmental context, as well as the adaptive interaction to automatically transfer control between vehicle and driver/rider and thus ensure safer and more efficient road usage.

You can register online for workshop 2 and more workshops here.