24-26 October, Bologna. The Italian motorcycle brand Ducati hosted an interesting plenary meeting in their headquarters of Borgo Panigale, close to the legendary factory and next to the museum where the “Ducati 60 – la prima motocicletta”, the famous “Desmosedici” or the current Andrea Dovizioso’s MotoGP bike are sharing the same room! Wednesday 24th was the Workshop Day with updates of WP4 about the algorithms regarding of driver/rider states: sleepiness, visual distraction, rest, stress, physical fatigue and emotions. Work packages 6 and 7 also presented their progresses during the last monhts.

As usual, 2nd day was full of contents. After administrations aspects of the project, updates from WP3 (Environmental Sensing), WP8 and the end-user survey that is being developed. It follows the presentation of project video script, the new dissemination tool that will be available soon for the exciting agenda of international events that ADAS&ME will participate in 2019. The  use cases demonstrations showed the good work carried out in this key part of the project.

Last day was very useful for group discussions about the coming developments of each work packages.

Next project meeting is expected to take place in February 2019 in Athens organized by CERTH!