The ADAS&ME project started 1st of September 2016. At this point the work is focused mainly on Use Cases selection, system architecture and structuring of the work in the project. One major thing is related to ethical considerations for tasks involving human participants.

Evaluations and tests in the ADAS&ME project will take place in five countries, and in order to ensure compliance with the national regulations as well as international agreements, test and evaluation leaders at each site are responsible for the implementation of the evaluations according to the regional and national regulations as well as international agreements. In order to monitor the progress of the evaluations from an ethics perspective, the members of the ADAS&ME Ethics Board have important roles to play as advisors and supervisors of the ethics issues in the ADAS&ME project. The purpose of ADAS&ME Ethics Board is to ensure that all the planned evaluations are carried out in accordance with respective national regulations as well as with international agreements.

The ADAS&ME Ethics Board is comprised of three key experts in the areas of interest to be covered by the tests and evaluations. These are Professors in research about humans, they have long life experience and are trained in ethical concerns:

  • Dr. Torbjörn Åkerstedt, Professor in Psychology, Karolinska Institutet, and Director of the Stockholm Stress Center. Former President of the European Sleep Research Society and General Secretary of the World Federation of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Societies.
  • Dr. Anders Jansson, Professor in Human-Computer Interaction, Associate Professor in Psychology, Uppsala University. Researcher specializing in Human Factors, Cognitive Ergonomics and Human-Automation Interaction, and the leader of the Technology in Human Reasoning (TiHR) Group.
  • Dr. Michael Regan, Professor, Australian Road Research Board (ARRB Group), Chief Scientist in Human Factors & Safe Systems Department, Adjunct Professor University of NSW in Sydney, Australia.