AutoMate’s objective is to develop, evaluate and demonstrate the “TeamMate Car” concept:

driver and automation are seen as members of one team and they share the driving task – perception, decision-making, and vehicle control.

Through the achievement of this main objective, AutoMate is expected to positively impact several aspects:

  1. Improve road safety, by reducing both human errors and automation limits;
  2. 2. Boost the competitiveness of the European Automotive sector for automated vehicles that are accepted and trusted by end-users;
  3. Produce technological innovation in terms of driver state measurement and HMI strategies;
  4. Enhance efficiency and traffic flow, while lowering development costs.

The AutoMate Consortium intends to develop 7 core technical enablers which will allow to fully validate the TeamMate Car approach: (1) Sensor and Communication Platform; (2) Probabilistic Driver Modelling and Learning; (3) Probabilistic Vehicle and Situation Modelling; (4) Adaptive Driving Manoeuvre Planning, Execution and Learning; (5) Online Risk Assessment; (6) TeamMate HMI; and (7) TeamMate System Architecture.

The corresponding innovations will be integrated and implemented on several car simulators and real vehicles to evaluate and demonstrate the project’s progress and results in real-life traffic conditions.