Automòbil Club Assistència, S.A. Unipersonal (ACASA) is a company of the Reial Automòbil Club de Catalunya (RACC) group, which is a non-profit-making organisation dealing with the promotion of motor sports, the provision of services to its members as well as the advice, information, protection and advocacy of end users’ interests (drivers, pedestrians), the improvement of road safety, sustainable mobility and environmental protection, these tasks being carried out either through its different departments or through co-operation agreements. The RACC is a motoring association that belongs to the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), as well as to ERTICO ITS Europe and other national bodies such as ITS Spain, the Board of the Traffic Council in Spain, Barcelona Board for Cooperative and Automated Driving (BBCAD) and several technical associations related to road and vehicle safety. ACASA is the company of the RACC Group dealing with the direction, organization and management of assistance services and operations for RACC members. These services provide mechanical, medical, RTTI (Real-Time Traffic and Travel Information) and home assistance throughout Spain. In the ADAS&ME project ACASA will play the role of representing the users’ needs and requirements for future innovative ADAS-based systems, and will coordinate the dissemination of the R+D results tailoring the contents / formats to the different target audiences (end users, industry, academia, public authorities / policy makers, standardisation bodies) towards future successful deployment and exploitation of the developed systems.

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