The Research Centre for Transport and Logistics (CTL) at the “Sapienza” University of Rome has been founded in 2003 with support from the Italian Ministry of “Education University and Research”. It is dedicated to research, education and training and it administers a master program in “Transport and Logistics” as well as several professional courses.

CTL’s activities encompass both contributions to basic researches on transport systems and logistic and practical applications for government and industry. The main sectors of activity are: urban transport, logistics and freight transport, road safety, innovative transport systems.
CTL’s research has a multidisciplinary approach and it integrates different competencies.

Several engineering departments provide CTL with their expertise, not only in transport and logistics issues but also in mechanical engineering, telecommunications and computer science.
Research on transport and logistics at CTL covers all modes of transport, passenger and freight, public and private, together with innovations in the field of telecommunications, computer systems, vehicle mechanics and supply chain management.

The organization has been coordinating several European projects and participating as partner within others. Such projects include feasibility studies, impact assessments or consultancy for government and industry. The most relevant projects are: on road safety, SAFETYNET, DACOTA, ROSEBUD, SAFERBRAIN (project coordinator), NAVIKI, SAFECYCLE; FREIGHTWISE on intermodal transport; Green eMOTION, CITYMOBIL and CITYMOBIL2 (project coordinator) on innovative transport systems and automation, ESTEEM (project coordinator) on transport safety and security issues in Mediterranean countries. CTL is also coordinating a project about the implementation of traffic accident databases for the Republic of Cameroon.

CTL works with academic, corporate, public-sector partners in Italy and abroad. The continuous exchange of information and ideas among academic faculty and experts from industry makes CTL a dynamic research centre.

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