Dainese is the world leader group in design, manufacturing and marketing of protective devices and protective clothing for motorcycling and dynamic sports. Since its foundation in 1972, the Company has provided continuous innovation in the sport safety industry, inventing among the others the back protector, the knee slider, the aerodynamic hump and the wireless airbag for motorcyclists. Besides the manufacturing of consumer products Dainese has always spent a considerable part of its effort in collaborative research projects, both public and private funded, in collaboration with academic, industrial and medical partners worldwide. These projects have not only been focused on Dainese’s core businesses and competencies (motorcycling, winter sports, mountain biking and horseback riding), but have also spaced to very different fields like space, military and healthcare.

Dainese has 40 years of experience in designing and developing wearable safety devices from head to toe: clothing, helmets, gloves, boots, safety equipment. The company’s commitment is to design safety devices that are not only effective, but also that show the best balance between protection, comfort and style to reach the largest number of users with the level of protection that is most suitable for them. Traditionally Dainese’s core skills are in the fields of protection, ergonomics, and innovative materials. However with the development of the D-Air – a wireless wearable airbag for motorcyclists that automatically inflates when detecting an accident situation thanks to inertial platforms in the garment and/or on the bike – Dainese has built a completely new set of skills in integrating electronic (including sensors, electronic control unit and HMI) applications in protective clothing, that has also been explored in different fields (e.g. a sensorized suit for astronauts in collaboration with NASA and MIT).

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