HUMANIST started as a Network of Excellence EC co-funded project in 2004 and since 2007 it is a French Association, currently with 22 Members from 16 European countries. Its aim is to structure and organize the European Research in the domain of Human Machine Interaction and Human Factors applied to Intelligent Transport Systems. More specifically, the aim of HUMANIST VCE is, directly or indirectly, in Europe or outside Europe: to have the best scientific expertise on Human Machine Interaction applied to Intelligent Transport Services (ITS) based in Europe and/or outside Europe, to have a harmonized set of activities between the Members and between the Members and HUMANIST, to promote research on human behaviour related to ITS in transport in order to improve European competitiveness in that domain.

The main objects of HUMANIST are to act as a network of research centres and universities and shall also provide a platform for the establishment of further research networks and notably:

− Promote co-operation in research;
− Promote the setting up of the next generation of researchers;
− Promote dissemination of research results through training;
− Stimulate the participation of its Members in international, European and national research and development projects in the field of transport.

Well experienced on these subjects from past projects, HUMANIST VCE will be in charge of the Activity 9.3 Market and Socioeconomic Analysis and the Activity 9.6 Advisory board.

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