Smart Eye AB, founded in 1999 and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a global leader in non-intrusive camera-based head and eye tracking solutions for automotive and aerospace applications. Smart Eye is rapidly growing and currently employs about 50 persons, the majority within R&D. Together with its partners Smart Eye has several hundred customers over five continents.

In automotive settings, head and eye tracking is commonly used for driver monitoring, e.g. detection of drowsiness and inattention, but it can also be used for numerous other things, such as, for example, interacting with the vehicle using eye gaze (focus of attention) and head gestures, augmented reality displays by using the 3D eye position, driver identification and seat/mirror adjustments.

Smart Eye develops its own hardware and software and can offer a number of unique product features, such as multiple cameras working together for extended tracking range and occlusion immunity, fully flexible placement of cameras and illuminators, true 3D geometry, immunity to lighting conditions including both complete darkness and direct sunlight, as well as a patented method for reduction of reflexes in eyeglasses.

Smart Eye’s product offering covers the full range from complete research-grade systems to embedded software and reference designs for OEM applications. Within the ADAS&ME project, Smart Eye contributes with head and eye tracking camera systems, as well as driver state and identification algorithms.

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