Applied Mechanics Laboratory, University of Patras (AML/UoP) is in operation since 1980. AML/UoP is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, University of Patras. Currently, 27 Engineers and PhD students are working in the Lab, (6 females) in various R&D projects. As part of its continued growth, UP/AML is continually looking for exceptional people to join its staff. AML/UoP research experience is classified through participation in various research projects the last decades under the granting framework of European Union, European Space Agency and National Research Fund. Research is conducted in a variety of areas including: Polymer Processing and Composites Manufacturing, Ageing Systems and Structural Health Monitoring, Condition monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics of engineering systems, Bayesian statistics and uncertainty management, Machine Learning (neural nets, Hidden Markov models, Support Vector Machines), Safety Management of Composite structures, Sensors and actuators technology, Space Engineering: Design/ Verification and Qualification of Spacecraft structures, Finite Elements Techniques (Implicit and Explicit), Vibration analysis and Damping control.

In ADASME project AML/UoP contributes in WP4-WP6. In WP4 AML/UoP works in the development of Driver state detection/prediction algorithms (activity 4.3). The long experience of AML/UoP in developing predictive models relying on advanced signal processing techniques for the condition monitoring of engineering systems will be transferred and applied for the deployment of methods that can fuse the information coming from various sensors for the detection of the driver’s state. Machine learning tools shall be utilized in this direction i.e. deep learning algorithms, support vector machines etc. In WP5 AML/UoP works in the Decision System component (activity 5.5). AML/UoP has experience in the Safety Management of Composite structures as well as in condition monitoring systems involving techniques that can be used for designing and implementing the Decision System component. In WP6 AML/UoP is responsible for the system integration (activity 6.1). The successful completion of numerous R&D projects guarantees the successful completion of this task.

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