Uppsala University, (UU), is an independent and internationally well-known university ranked among the 100 most prominent universities in the world. Department of Information Technology is the second largest department at UU, attracting students from all over the world to the study programs in Computer Science, Civil Engineering (IT and STS), Human-Computer Interaction etc. The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) group situated at the Division of Visual Information & Interaction (Vi2) has a long tradition working in the area of humans and computers, starting as CMD (in English: Uppsala University Center for Human-Computer Studies) in the 1980s. UU-HCI is well known internationally for its applied research.

Recently, the group has attracted funds for conducting applied, interdisciplinary and basic research, focusing on the transportation sector. The research is often carried out in collaborative projects with stakeholders in Sweden, both from industry and public infrastructure holders. UU-HCI has an extensive experience in applied and theoretical research in the area of Human Factors, Human-Machine Interaction, Cognitive Ergonomics and Sociotechnical Systems Design, often with a user-oriented or use-oriented profile. In our research, we have specialized in bridging the gap between analysis and design. We have developed methods for cognitive work analysis, for use-oriented design as well as evaluation of socio-technical systems, focusing on productive systems from a stakeholder perspective. At Vi2, there are four male and four female professors.

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