VEDECOM was created as « Institute for the Energy Transition » by the French government. As a French public-private partnership VEDECOM is dedicated to research and training on carbon-free, sustainable individual mobility. It is based on an unprecedented collaboration between industries of the automotive sector, infrastructure and services operators in the mobility eco-system, academic research institutions, and local communities. VEDECOM aims at becoming a European innovations leader in the fields of electrified vehicles, autonomous and connected cars, and new infrastructure and services for shared mobility and energy.

The objective of VEDECOM is to become an institute for mutual and co-located research on electric, autonomous and connected vehicles, and on the mobility eco-system built on infrastructures and services addressing new usages of shared mobility and energy. VEDECOM comprises more than 40 members of different industry and service sectors (automotive, aeronautics, system engineering, electronic components, ITC, numerical simulation, infrastructure management, transport operators, digital and energy grid operators), of several research and higher education institutions, and of local communities. All of them accepted to collaborate on pre-competitive and pre-normative research subjects. Such research implies a multidisciplinary effort associating physicists and chemists, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers, computer scientists, to study the new technologies. But it also involves sociologists, psychologists, economists and lawyers to study the new usages, and the impacts and acceptability of new technologies in order to promote suitable ergonomic and regulatory frameworks.

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