Today, we’re rapidly moving from manually operated vehicles to fully automated driving.

To ensure safe automatic mobility during this transition, ADAS&ME will develop advanced driving assistance systems for all types of vehicles.

Our systems will predict behaviour by monitoring the driver and external conditions. They’re powered by an adaptive Human- Machine interface.

Our multidisciplinary team from all over Europe is hard at work to smoothen this groundbreaking evolution in our mobility.

ADAS&ME increasing road safety for all


Automated driving will change our mobility forever. We’ll evolve from active drivers to passively being driven, but the driver’s role is still very important. Imagine that the automation faces difficulties and the driver needs to take over control…

No problem, ADAS&ME assists drivers of automated vehicles in real-time. It monitors both the driver and external conditions for optimal safety. The goal? A safe, gentle and carefree shift between manual and automatic driving.

When the driver activates the automated driving mode, he’s able to perform other tasks. Whenever the system detects a problem it will request the driver to take over control, using interaction strategies tailored for the driver state.

When the driver doesn’t react to the takeover request, ADAS&ME activates strategies for a safe stop of the vehicle.

ADAS&ME, increasing road safety for all


Motorcycle touring popularity is ever increasing and represents an exciting and enjoyable activity.

However, riding a motorbike can be tiring. Climate, posture and noise all have a high impact on the motorcyclist. This can eventually lead to fatigue and attention failure, increasing the risk of crashing.

To help motorcyclists, ADAS&ME integrates sensors in their helmets, gloves and jacket. These monitor the rider and communicate with the main control unit integrated in the motorbike. Whenever the system detects fatigue or distraction, it suggests a short rest. If the warning is ignored, the system intervenes to ensure safety.

ADAS&ME, increasing road safety for all